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8 facts you may not have know about your ears ..... CRAZY!!
The July issue of Scottsdale Health magazine features an article:
“8 Crazy Facts about Hearing Loss”
by "hard of hearing specialist" - Michele Michaels.

1. Hearing loss is the 3rd most common health problem in the U.S. after arthritis & heart disease.
5. Foods that help hearing problems. Foods abundant in potassium, folic acid, magnesium and zinc can help hearing related issues.
7. Certain Medications can harm the inner ear.

See the full article here....
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AZ Hearing Aid Center added 10 new photos — with Lesa Gaudreau.

I am now a Hearing Angel!
Recently went on a hearing mission to Zacatecas Mexico.
What an incredible life changing event this was! Went with Bill Austin and the Starkey Hearing Foundation team for "So The World May Hear" foundation and fit approximately 1600 people with hearing aids.

The smiles, the hugs, the tears and the gratitude were priceless!!
Some of these people have never heard the voices of their families or loved ones. Others have never even spoken a single word.
Unbelievable how hearing connects people to the world!! Definitely a wonderful cause and will be going on another one!!
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Hearing Aid Stigma is changing FINALLY!!
2 days ago I fit my pair of Starkey Halo2 iPhone hearing aids on a new patient of mine, Dave Gerry. He is 55 years old and has been wearing aids part time for 10 years battling feedback and hearing in noise. As he drove away in his convertible, I called out to him last minute instructions. Not only did he hear my instructions above the traffic noise, he located me immediately and didn't ask me to repeat myself! Today he came in to pick up his own pair and told me how awesome they were!! In 2 days he created 2 different listening programs of his own in his home to hear TV better then went to a restaurant and heard everything! He told me today his son is jealous that not only can he hear so well, but, he can listen to his phone calls and play list without wires!😄. AMAZING TO THINK that this could be the beginning of changing the stigma of hating the idea of hearing aids to wanting them!! Thank you Starkey!!
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AZ Hearing Aid Center is at Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Had a wonderful time in Minneapolis learning about the newest technology!!! Truly amazing stuff!!
Call me so I can help you.
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